Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Waldorf College

Waldorf College offers accustomed online amount programs developed by industry experts nationwide. All applicants accept a absolute appraisal of above-mentioned bookish credit, training, and accordant able licenses and certifications. If accustomed as alteration credit, a abundant appraisal address analogue alteration acclaim accustomed and courses appropriate for amount achievement will be provided.

Associate in Arts in Healthcare Management

A.A. in Healthcare Administration
Waldorf’s A.A. in Healthcare Administration amount provides anatomic administration ability and skills, including an overview of issues and challenges specific to the acreage of healthcare delivery. Emphasis of apprenticeship is on developing the authoritative ability and abilities appropriate to plan in today’s regulated, circuitous healthcare field.

Option to Continue Towards a Bachelor’s Amount
For acceptance who may ambition to accompany a bachelor’s amount in the future, the accessory amount affairs is advised to adapt for access into Waldorf’s bachelor’s amount programs with high analysis standing. The coursework in this amount affairs aswell satisfies the requirements for the Healthcare Administration absorption aural Waldorf’s B.S. affairs in Organizational Leadership.

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