Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Columbia University

The ties amid Columbia University and New York City predate even Columbia College’s 1754 founding as King’s College. Fifty years afore King George II of England accepted the aristocratic allotment that appointed “The Academy of the Province of New York, in the City of New York … accepted by the name of King’s College,” one aboriginal backer wrote to the Anglican church, “New York is the centermost of English America and a fit abode for a Colledge.”

The Academy enrolled its aboriginal chic in summer 1754. The campus was amid in a vestry allowance in a academy abode at Trinity Church, in what is now allotment of Lower Manhattan. That aboriginal chic comprised eight acceptance and one adroitness affiliate — colonial academic and Anglican abbot Samuel Johnson — who aswell was the aboriginal College’s aboriginal president. Johnson presented to his acceptance a chic of 13 capacity advised to accomplish the credo categorical in the aristocratic allotment of accouterment “for the Instruction and Education of Youth in the Learned Languages and the Liberal Arts and Sciences.” By the fall, Johnson’s son William, who became a affiliate of the Constitutional Convention and admiral of the College, abutting his ancestor as a acting instructor.
During the next six years, King’s Academy assassin its aboriginal approved adroitness member, accelerating its aboriginal chic of 5 available amount candidates in a admission commemoration at St. George’s Chapel and accustomed a campus at Park Abode on a three-acre website presented to the Academy by Trinity Church. This campus remained in use until the alpha of the American Revolution.
By 1763, Samuel Johnson had retired and was succeeded as admiral by Myles Cooper, an Oxford accomplished abbot and allegiant royalist. As the Revolutionary War began 1775, Cooper was chased from New York by patriots and boarded a British frigate to England. Admission was canceled. Recently advancing abbot Benjamin Moore (Class of 1768) became the acting admiral but by 1776 classes were abeyant due to the war. The campus was bedeviled and put to use as a aggressive hospital, aboriginal by the Continental army and afresh by the British during their activity of Manhattan.
While a lot of trustees, acceptance and adroitness sided with the crown, a amount of them, including Alexander Hamilton (Class of 1778), John Jay (Class of 1764), Gouverneur Morris (Class of 1768) and Robert R. Livingston (Class of 1765) became important abstracts in the founding of America.
Jay and Hamilton were active in the reopening of the Academy in 1784. Chartered by the New York State Legislature as Columbia College, the new allotment declared it the “mother academy of the University of the State of New York.” Three years later, a new allotment was issued that accustomed Columbia Academy in the City of New York, abiding the Academy to its antecedent cachet as a abreast absolute academy confined New York City, with a lath of advisers as its administering body. The allotment was adapted hardly in 1810 and charcoal in force.
In 1857, the Academy confused again, this time to a website on Madison Avenue that ahead housed the Deaf and Dumb Asylum. It was actuality in 1860 that intercollegiate sports began at Columbia with a baseball bold adjoin NYU. By 1870, football had been added to the agenda of intercollegiate sports, and by 1873, crew.

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